Livestream missing video

Video id 529ffc86200cd8e66d8d9c4b6caa8cf4

Numerous times in this livestream recording, it skips content. For example, at 20:47, it jumps to 20:51. Apparently there were problems with the livestream itself, also. Though I don’t know the exact symptoms, viewers said it “wasn’t working.”

I’d like to debug this, and figure out where the problem is, as this has happened more than once. It feels like it could be either a problem with Cloudflare streaming, or with the internet connection at the venue. Any idea how I could debug this?

Hey @jtbayly! I reported this internally and we will investigate the recording. Thank you for sharing the video ID.
We recently (24 hours ago) made some changes to how we handle timestamps submitted by some devices used to send live stream to Cloudflare. Trying again may result in improved behavior.

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