Livestream delay

Please help me with the livestream latency issue. This is an actual image of the stream source and stream video displayed. It has a delay of about 1 minute.

I use RTMP. I cannot use WebRTC. But such delay is too large. Please help me. Are there any video configuration settings for the stream?

I can get down to about 15-20 seconds. What I do is set the chunks to about 2 seconds each. HLS works with, as default, 3+ chunks before they start streaming and if you go by default settings that would be AT least 30 seconds (10 second chunks). So try doing smaller chunks (if you are doing 30 FPS then set the keyframe interval to either 2 seconds or 60 (2 x 30 FPS) and try it… you may want to lower the quality a bit when playing around and see if it helps a bit with latency. I’ve found the Low Latency Setting a wee bit buggy yet so I can’t recommend that one :wink: