Live video inputs on cloudflare stream

Hi. I have a question to ask about cloudflare stream. I saw 2 options on cloudflare stream which are videos & live video inputs. I understand with videos that you just upload the videos to cloudflare and use it with cloudflare video player. But what about live video inputs? How does it works? Been searching for tutorial or guide about it but found nothing. Please help.

Live video isn’t available yet.

I see. Is there any ETA when it will be available?

No, but @zaid seems to like user input during the beta phase. Try filling out that form and see if he responds.

We just launched a few feature where you can send live video to Cloudflare Stream, and set it up so that Cloudflare Stream sends it to other platforms such as YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Live. Here’s the blog post where we announced this:

We haven’t yet announced this yet but the not-so-secret plan is to use the inputs you set up under “Live Video Inputs” tab to start live streams just like you upload videos to Cloudflare. It will work exactly like video uploads work with the Cloudflare video player.

If you’d like you can start sending video to the live video inputs today, which you can use to forward video to other platforms. Soon, there will be more features around live streaming. We’re working hard on this! :slight_smile:


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