Live Streaming using Larix Broadcaster

In testing Cloudflare Stream I’ve tried to use Larix Broadcaster. It is in my opinion the gold standard when it comes to live streaming from a mobile device.

In testing with Larix Broadcaster it displays the correct preview image in the CF dashboard, but when trying to play the video the video player comes back with “video not found”.

I have tried many settings with Larix to no success. Has anyone else had any success with Larix?



Softvelum Larix Broadcaster team here. From Larix’ perspective there’s no difference whether to stream into YouTube, Facebook or to Cloudflare. However Cloudflare may have their own requirements for video like maximum resolution or bandwidth so please contact Cloudflare support about this.

Feel free to drop a note to our helpdesk about the outcome of your investigation.

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Hey @alex and the Softvelum team!

Agree that the app is amazing! I was able to replicate the issue. The thumbnail image for the video works but the video playback doesn’t.

I’m curious to find out why Stream Live fails to make the video available when this client is used to broadcast! We will investigate and post a reply here soon!

Thank you @renan :pray: The team at Softvelum are really amazing too should you need to contact them.

The vast majority of our customers are using Larix Broadcaster currently to broadcast to our platform.

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Hey! I’ve got a mini update. We’ve determined the root cause for this issue. When most other clients (OBS, Zoom, hardware RTMP boxes) connect to us, they pass a frame rate value in the RTMP metadata. We see a value of 0 when Larix is used.

We will update our code to determine the value from the incoming signal and use that when the frame rate value is not sent to us. This will probably take a few days. Very happy that we’ve had the chance to identify this issue during beta, thank you so much @alex41!

Thank you! This is excellent news :slight_smile:

Renan, thank you very much for investigating the issue.
Indeed, the mobile encoders do not add proper SPS information into the content which cause some decoders to get confused. So there’s no way we can set FPS in Larix unfortunately.
We’ve described more details about FPS-related issues in Q12 of our FAQ FAQ for Larix Broadcaster mobile apps and SDK - Softvelum
Thank you!

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Hey! I believe this issue is now solved. I just tested using Larix Broadcaster, and it worked well with Stream Live!

Thank you for reporting!

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Thank you @renan! I can confirm that Larix Broadcaster is indeed now working. Just incredible. Thank you to you and your team for your hard work - and to have this fixed on a weekend wow! :exploding_head::partying_face:

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