Live Streaming Recording


We’re planning to use Live Stream and just wanted to confirm how can we record the live stream that happened directly upload to CloudFlare? Since most RTMP allows recording of streams, so we were wondering if can this be used the same way as general RTMP?


@zaid can give more information, but I believe Stream Connect is intended to redistribute RTMP to multiple locations such as Facebook and YouTube, and does not have the record capability you are looking for.

Is Stream Connect out of Beta?

You’re right in your description of Stream Connect. That said, we plan to add support for HLS/DASH outputs and thereafter, recordings.

Connect is still in beta.


No plans for drm support. HLS/DASH support means your users can directly view the event in your app or site (vs. on 3rd party platforms like fb and Twitch)

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We’re still using it in beta.

So it still needs to enable recording feature on the roadmap?

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Yes, it is on the roadmap