Live streaming for Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream supports streaming for prerecorded media, however there is no mention anywhere of any plans to support live streaming media.

Is this something that Cloudflare is planning?


I would like an answer to this question as well!

Yes, I’d like to know this too. A client who we’ve built a Netflix type app platform for is now asking us to deliver a live streaming capability for them. Would really good to keep it all within Cloudflare if possible as the current Stream offering is working brilliantly.

Also looking for this answer for last few days. But no luck yet.

It looks cloudflare offer a Video stream Service which cost $1 For 1000 Minute of streaming. But does it support Live Streaming? or it’s just for Saved video?

I am striving to find the answer for this question as well.

When you find the answer lease let me know as well Im STILL trying to get an answer!

I would also like them to roll this out.
I only want to stream audio and have managed to do a proof of concept streaming audio over the CDN thereby protecting the streams true IP but it is against the ToS.
I don’t know if it is an Enterprise level feature (if it is then it’s way out of our price range unfortunately)
Either way be good to get a definitive response of if this will ever be rolled out / is being investigated.

Cloudflare Stream Delivery is the product you are probably looking for, and you will need to contact Sales to get pricing information. There is mention of live streaming optimisations on the blog from last year as an Enterprise product. I’m curious if it is offered as a PAYG product, or only as a custom commitment.

I suspect the problem with Cloudflare offering live streaming is ensuring that they have adequate capacity to meet your expected demand, and at the very least they need a conversation about what scale you need (100 people vs 1m people are different problems to solve).

Just spoke to Sales
You’re right, live streaming is available on an Enterprise plan and then you add on the bandwidth you use.
Way out of our price range.

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