Live stream using stream player

I note that from 20 July 21 Stream Connect is available to all customers. I have set up a RTMPS input from OBS and can see it connecting fine. I am trying to add the cloudflare stream player as the output can anyone help with the settings (url etc). Thanks in advance.

The docs are here:

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Thanks for the swift response. I have read through the docs and can stream to YouTube and Facebook but could do with a pointer on how to use cloud flare stream player to do the same, as I want to embed the code on my website.
Thanks again.

That isn’t currently part of the feature. It just forwards the streams to wherever you specify. I believe the functionality to use this with the stream player is coming at some point, not sure how soon though.


Thanks for clarifying this. I look forward to the update.
Thanks again.

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Stream Live is now available.