Live Stream to deliver content without archiving

Hi, I have activated for the first time Cloudflare Stream service. In particular I am using the Live Streaming one. My case use is to stream some videos from my server (external to cloudflare) using RTMP protocol towards CF endpoint with the aim to deliver the content to my end users.
But it seems it’s not possibile to do it without video archiving. But I don’t need to save my stream. I just need a stream delivering service to my end users, in particular having HLS or DASH endpoints my users can connnect.
It’s a tv service online and my stream will go for 24x7. So it would be cumbersome (and expensive) to have all stream saved.
How can I achieve my goal?

Hey! We will soon make it clear on how 24/7 live content works on Stream Live.

Likely, we will make a limit to how long a particular video recording can be. So we keep the last X hours your 24/7 stream continuously and we don’t record all the content that is archived.

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Well that would be great! And when this clarification will come? Will be there a new option about how many hours of my 24/7 stream keep or will be automatically chosen by the system?

I take opportunity of your kindness to ask you for some more information.

  1. how many concurrent users can I have with my live stream?
  2. the number of concurrent users doesn’t impact on my origin traffic, isn’t it? because the stream is delivered by CF through their multiple pop cdn nodes without impacting on origin server right?
  3. the one pound per 1 thousand minutes does not depend on the number of concurrent users I have, right?
  4. basically what’s the difference between CF live stream service and CF stream delivery service ( They seem to cover the same purpose.


Hey! Stream Live is in beta, which means we are still working on clarifying documentation and usage examples. We’ll have a good answer on how 24/7 video will work in a few weeks.

Happy to answer your other questions:

Concurrent Streams

There is no limit to how many concurrent users can view your live videos. If you’re looking to have more than 10,000-100,000+ viewers at the same time, feel free to contact us for usage discounts. If you’re looking to have more than 100,000+ concurrent viewers, especially if these viewers are concentrated in one small geographical region, please contact us so we can make sure Stream Live can scale for you.

Stream Live and Origins

Stream Live doesn’t have an origin and does not interact with any origins you may have behind Cloudflare. You send us the video over RTMP, we do not make any requests to any servers.

Pricing vs Concurrent Viewers

Stream Live is costs $1 per 1,000 minutes viewed. For example, if you have 200 people viewing a live video for 30 minutes each is 200*30=6000 minutes viewed. In addition, this 30 minute live video will occupy 30 minutes of your video storage capacity, priced at $5 per 1,000 minutes.

What is the difference between Stream Live and Stream Delivery?

Stream Live includes ingest over RTMP, video encoding to multiple quality levels, video recording and delivery via the Stream player or HLS/DASH manifest URLs. Stream Live is a end-to-end solution. Stream Live also offers additional features such as thumbnail generation from live streams, simulcasing to other providers and advanced security features for controlling who can view your videos at no additional charge.

Stream Delivery is a enterprise-only offering that only includes video delivery using Cloudflare’s CDN. It does not do video encoding, recording, etc.

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