Live Stream ifram src changing after reconnecting

i am running live stream through cloudflare.
i embeded the live stream here Cloud Flare Stream – American Media Periscope but when i disconnect the stream for a while and reconnect it the embeded live stream not working it shows only the recorded video i also note that after reconnecting the embeded iframe source has changed, i want to make it stable means when input is connected it show live stream on this page Cloud Flare Stream – American Media Periscope and the iframe src were remain same after reconnection. any advise please.

Embed code when i connect stream for first:

Embed Code after reconnecting:


This is something we’re working on.

Hey! I have an update on the topic. You can now use input uid and video uid interchangibly which means that wherever you’d use a video uid, live input uid would also work playing whatever is being sent to the input. If the input is not connected, then a empty response is returned.

We also just updated the docs on this here:

Hey Renan,
Thanks for the update can you please let me know how can i use the input uid and video uid interchangibly in the iframe source? so that the stream return empty response when no input is connected. and it become live when input is connected under single embed code and stream link remains same. i use the embed live code here.


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