Live Stream Captions

It appears that Live Stream supports captions in the 608 or 708 field. I’ve been trying to get them to be noticed by putting them inside the RTMPCaptionInfo field. This is the method used by every other streaming service I’ve used that injests with RTMPS. I can confirm that my elemental live hardware coder is seeing the embedded 708 captions with the burn-in mode, but can’t find a setting that Cloudflare likes to receive.

I’m going to attempt an SRT connection and see if that works. If not, anyone got a 3rd party player they like that will support this?

Hello @shawn.fitzgerald,

Cloudflare Stream currently supports captions, but they need to be in WebVTT format. If you’re having trouble with RTMPCaptionInfo, you might want to try converting your captions to WebVTT and uploading them through the Cloudflare dashboard or via the Cloudflare API.
Here’s a quick guide:

  • Convert your 608/708 captions to WebVTT format.
  • Go to your Cloudflare dashboard, select the video, and navigate to the ‘Captions’ tab to upload your WebVTT file.
  • Alternatively, use the Cloudflare API to upload your WebVTT captions as described in the Cloudflare documentation.

If you’re looking for a third-party player, make sure it supports WebVTT captions to ensure compatibility with Cloudflare Stream.

VTT is not a live caption option. It is only for VOD. I need a live option, which the documentation says is supported … I don’t know why an RTMPS ingest would use anything other than RTMPCaptionInfo, but that one doesn’t work.