Live stream billing

For example i have a live stream with detail below:
1- Cloudflare Stream Option 5$/month 1000minutes package
2- 2 hours live stream with 2mbit bitrate
3- 2000 concurrent viewers.

So how will i be billed?
I understand that i will be billed only 5$ because total live stream is only 120minutes and it is in my package. (apx. 4tb traffic will not be billed?)

No, from what I understand, without actually ever using the product, you will be billed in minutes watched, so 120 minutes * 2000 viewers, which is 240000 minutes, hence 5$ + 239 * 1$ 1000 minutes packages, 244$.

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if i use my own hls url with proxy enabled in cloudflare how will i be billed?
and is cloudflare protected.

You won’t, but you’ll get likely suspended from Cloudflare’s service as that is against ToS, unless you are on Enterprise.

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Even on Enterprise, you need such activity explicitly included in your contract.

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Cloudflare Stream is billed per minute viewed. The bitrate viewed is not used as part of the calculation.

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How can i protect my own hls streams?

What do you mean for “protect”?

From DDOS attacks to hls links.

Either pay for Stream, use another provider or talk to Sales at Cloudflare.

Lots of options available to you. If you don’t want to pay for Cloudflare Stream I expect you also don’t want to pay for any other provider, so your options for free solutions are limited. YouTube, Twitch etc. all have options you might want to use.

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Please check a52tv dot com there is a hls stream with cloudflare proxied. I dont think they pay for traffic.

It’s not for @michael or I to do the policing, Cloudflare can handle themselves. With they scale I am sure a small stream might work and they won’t care, but we can’t know the threshold as it probably varies per zone/colo combination. All we know is that it’s outside the ToS, which means it can get shut down at any point.

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I understood. Thank you for your replies.