Live Stream Analytics API Endpoint


I cannot find API end point for live stream analytics. We could check viewer count, but there is no information about how many minutes viewers consume.

It seems “/client/v4/accounts/$ACCOUNT/stream/analytics/views” end point doesn’t have dimension option other than videoID.

Do I miss something?


This documentation page provides examples that include the metrics totalImpressions and totalTimeViewedMs, which would return the total time in milliseconds.

Thanks for the answer. I’ve expect live streams have different behavior, but they linked to videoid(s).

For future viewers;

First you need to get videoId(s) of the live stream. It could be more than 1, if input stops then starts the broadcast again or disconnects and connects again.$ACCOUNT/stream/live_inputs/$LIVE_INPUT_ID/videos

After that you can get per-video analytics or bulk analytics.

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