Live Chat Business Plan

Hi guys!
but does anyone know if the chat support works?

It sure does!

but i don’t have this window…
How to find it?

Lower right corner of

do you think it takes a while to get out if I have become business now?

nothing I don’t have chat… … :frowning:


That Help bubble should be there for everybody, even if it doesn’t have the Live Chat…shouldn’t it?

hehehe I don’t know sdayman…
by the moment I don’t have :frowning:

Hi @alessandro.uccello,

It looks like you’re a member of more than one organization. I just looked at your account and see chat for one of the logins and not in the other. When you select the user with multiple zones, you’ll see a help bubble, chats start from this bubble in the lower right as @sdayman shared, once you start looking for assistance you see the chat option. Please let us know if any issue.

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