Litespeed with cloudflare issue

Hello, Using Cloudflare with Litespeed cache on Hostinger Host using Litspeed server, My pages are loading extremely long, I contacted the litespeed support and they told me that " when you are using CloudFlare , it is cloudflare controls how that file is sent
your cloudflare cache seems also not working , did you set dev mode or something ? I keep get “cf-cache-status: MISS” on CSS files"

I don’t know how to fix it then I hoping you help me to fix it
Also is HSTS could be causing this?

P.S I’m not a developer so my knowledge s not so technical, best regards

Check this link

The URL you posted is an HTML page, which Cloudflare does not cache (cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC), but the x-litespeed-cache shows a Hit.

On that page, there are many resources, such as .js and .webp, and those show a Cloudflare HIT after a reload.

Heads up, though, that it loads images as WebP, and that doesn’t work in Safari pre-14. They’re not even showing up in my Safari 14 on Big Sur.

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thanks a lot, so is Cloudflare working properly because I didn’t get your answer ?

I’m a bit confused

Yes, as far as caching is concerned, Cloudflare is working as expected.

HSTS doesn’t affect caching. It’s for forcing HTTPS connections, so if there’s something wrong with HSTS, then the site will be completely broken.

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Thanks a lot that was so helpful

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