Litespeed cache works but after some time site gets to redirect into redirect loop

I have a WP one page website on which i enabled light speed cache plugin which improved site performance but on the other side side goes into redirect loop which crashes the site. I was not able to find any reason for this.

for example my domain gets into redirect loop and each time it gets in redirect loop it points to i did look into this few days back but was not able to pin point issue.

I have a simple site for which i am using cloudflare CDN and also configure light speed based on tutorials with basic configuration with out image optimization as i upload image only once i optimse them individually

Some tutorials points to Cloudflare, some pointed to lightspeed but it hard for me to trouble shoot this issue and i am not able to figure of reason for redirect.

Redirect stops once i purge all cache from Plugin and then i dont know when it will break again.

i also noticed that this issue is not related to local browser redirect as i tried same on different device and using VPN when redirect loop starts it happens to everone accessing the site

Could it be related to SSL settings at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

Firstly, try to disable that plugin and see how it goes. Purge the Cache at Cloudflare too.

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