LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

Hello there,

I get this error when I try to obtain a domain key for LiteSpeed Cache plugin in WordPress.

There was a problem with retrieving your Domain Key. Please click the Waiting for Approval button to retry.

There are two reasons why we might not be able to communicate with your domain::

  1. The POST callback to failed.

  2. Our Current Online Server IPs was not allowlisted.

Please verify that your other plugins are not blocking REST API calls, allowlist our server IPs, or contact your server admin for assistance.:

I have correctly configured the Cloudflare API section under LS Cache’s CDN tab.

Also, when I hit this url:
I get the following error:

{“code”:“rest_forbidden”,“message”:“Sorry, you are not allowed to do that.”,“data”:{“status”:401}}

WordPress Rest API works fine.

I have tried to allowlist LS Cache’s IPs on Cloudflare by adding them under Cloudflare’s Firewall->Tools->IP Access Rules

But no luck so far.
Can you please help?

Thank you,

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