Litespeed Cache (Guest Mode) compatibility with Cloudflare

Hey there,

I’m on a Litespeed server and use Litespeed Cache. I also use a free Cloudflare.

Now I found out that the Litespeed Cache features “Guest Mode” and “Guest Optimization” don’t work with APO or Cloudflare in general, which is a pity considering the performance plus for first time visitors.

I found out I can make it work only if I turn off Cloudflare Caching. But I assume turning off Cloudflare caching defeats the whole purpose of using Cloudflare CDN since the site needs to be cached to be served from the different POPs.

Does anybody know if there’s a way to make Litespeed’s Guest Mode work together with Cloudflare?


Haven’t used it, however I assume it would be either use Cloudflare APO or LSC.

Since APO is doing what LSC should do too.

Use Cloudflare without APO, but keep using LSC “as-is” with serving the cached HTML from LSC.

At Cloudflare, you can configure to Cache Everything via Workers or Cache Rules and to bypass by the cookie (for WordPress logged-in user) if that’s the wanted result for the speed for everyone and serving cached HTML page to everyone.

Furthermore, Purging the Cache is the other issue, since if LSC generates the HTML, therefore it’s cached at Cloudflare Edge and if LSC cannot trigger the Purge, you’re a bit out.

It’s 5AM by me, I am going to get some rest.
I’ll give it a try and think through during a day.
Might be some solution for it.

Nevertheless, maybe someone else used it or has got some other idea.

In order to use LSC effectively with Cloudflare I found out to use a plugin called Super Page Cache for Cloudflare and have it run concurrently with LSC.

When I asked the developer if this plugin helps with enabling Guest Mode it seems like he didn’t know.

“If you wish to use this plugin, you need to disable all page caching features in LiteSpeed cache and can only use it for static file optimization. Not sure what exactly you mean by guest mode optimization, you can try and see if it works for your requirements.”

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Super Page Cache by Cloudflare is not the official plugin by Cloudflare. And also don’t use Litespeed with that plugin. There may be conflicts as both work almost the same.

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