Listing user in Cloudflare Host API


Is there any way by which I can check the users which I have onboarded on cloudflare via my host API?


I believe the zone list function will return the user email address as part of the response. So you could list the zones and select the unique email addresses from the results.


I have on boarded about 8 customers on cloudflare through my host api key but the zone_list function is returning an empty array.

Also, this section is empty:

Few of my onboarded zones are


Just to clarify, you’re using this API when on boarding the customers?


Yes, I am using the same API.


Can you help in this, I have signed up all the users with my Host key and the API listed at but still I can’t see a single zone in the zone_list function.

If it remains empty, I don’t think I will ever reach the 100 zone milestone :frowning: