Listing of Cloudflare Rulesets per mode (Challenge/Block/Simulate etc)


Is there a way in Cloudflare to list rules depending on what you have them set to?

So for example if I wanted to list all the rules I’ve put into Challenge or Block or Simulate?

Would be good to know!

Thanks in advance.


If you’re asking about the WAF, then I don’t see a way to do this from the Dashboard or easily with the API.

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Yes I am.

Shame! Thanks for replying though.


You can use the API:

First use the List Firewall Packages, get the package ID for each of the 3 packages.
Then use the List Rules for each of the packages with a “match: all” parameter. The resulting json will list the default action set for each rule.

Oh…that kind of easy. :wink:

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Ah…yes API easy. Not sure where to start with that!


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