Listening to IPv4 and IPv6 Separately

Hi! I am looking for a way that my clients having IPv6 (in addition to IPv4) always connect to my site via IPv6 Only. For example: Since it all depends on ISP and network a user “A” might be connecting to my site using IPv4 and sometime after might be connecting with IPv6.

I want some way which is DNS Specific, Using which I can accept only IPv6 on a domain say and IPv4 on domain say So that they are always connecting from the same IP Type.

Once I ask the user their IP Type, I will provide them with the specific URL.

How can we do that? I saw that making two records i.e A for IPv4 and AAAA for just IPv6 can do that, But my site is currently accepting both just on A record, How is that possible them?

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