Listening on custom port, https traffic

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I am using cloudflare and it is a great product, but I have a customer that has some service on specific port, and it is hard to change it to 80/443 since it is integrated in some other apps.
Is there a way to catch traffic on that specific port like 8787 and then route it to standard 80/443 that I am using on cloudflare?
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Cloudflare’s HTTP proxy only listens on these ports:

There is a general TCP/UDP proxy that will work on any port, but is an option you can only purchase if you have an Enterprise account.


Thank you for quick replay.
So only in enterprise, not in business or pro?

If you want Spectrum for anything other than Minecraft, SSH or RDP, yes Enterprise only. It is the reason why we first got an Enterprise account.

The need for a dedicated IP address for any Spectrum applications limits how many customers and applications you could allow in the IPv4 space Cloudflare has, unlike the HTTP protocol which carries host information in the request and allows IP addresses to be shared.

I mean, this traffic is in fact a http/https traffic but on different port. But I understand, thank you for your answer.

Spectrum applications can be set as HTTP/HTTPS and then pass the traffic through the Cloudflare pipeline to apply filters and rules as with any website. Or just set as TCP/UDP to forward the packets direct to the origin, bypassing Cloudflare’s filters (apart from the IP address filter); Spectrum can do TLS termination on the edge as well.

But it’s the only way to get Cloudflare to listen on those other ports.

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