List root record without domain name, please

Hi CF developers,

I think it would be much more clear and logical, if root DNS record would be displayed in interface without domain name. Because as it is now, records are displayed all WITHOUT domain name, except root record, which is listed with domain name itself, like this:


This would suggest, that ALL those are sub-domains, but this is NOT true. One of them is not sub-domain ( If you ask me, it would be logical with [root] description:


I hope it makes sense.

There actually is a designated symbol for the naked domain -> @

Now, the question is if that would confuse people even more.

But it is true, right now one cannot distinguish between and, even though the latter shouldnt be possible at all right now, but then there were cases with internationalised domains where exactly that happened.

In short, it is a bit of a mess :wink:

Of course, silly me, @ is the symbol I was trying to refer to, but was distracted by numerous telephone calls during writing of this post.

If you ask me, using @ instead of domain name itself would make this DNS editor more like others, meaning more technically correct. But as you say, every change would bring confusion among existing users.
But confusion can be avoided, at least by my logic:

  1. @ root record should be listed on TOP, regardless of sort order, which would add some specialitiy to its meaning. Also it could be greyed out, non-editable in the field where @ is displayed, so it would be more clear, it is reffering to as root of DNS zone.
  2. Some editing logic should be implememnted to strip @ symbol out of record data, if it is entered alone.
  3. Instructions should be written to emphasize the change, despite of it’s being logic…All in all, users of CF are not box movers ususally, but rather web designers and technicians with at least basic skills and knowledge about DNS. Hope so.

I think you are expecting too much :wink: :smile:

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How can I suggest a feature from this?