List of supported TLD doesn't grow?

Hey everyone,

I can’t ask this question from within Cloudflare’s portal, so I’m not sure I’ll get an answer from the community :slight_smile:

I’ve been checking the list of supported TLD, but it looks like the list hasn’t grow for the past 12+ months.

I’m particularly interested in migrated dot IN and dot CH domains. Any roadmap available ?

Thank you

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Since they’re country-code top-level domains (ccTLD), I am afraid the procedure is a bit complex. Probbably without any soon positive outcome due to the regulations based on the decisions, strict procedures and conditions of getting a national domain registration institution/agency including the management of it.

However, you can use Cloudflare services for the stated ccTLDs, but to register or transfer them to the Cloudflare Registrar I am afraid this is currently not possible yet.

I believe Cloudflare Team is surely working hard and looking to get an as big list of supported TLDs as possible.

There is no official schedule for any of the TLDs or ccTLDs as far as I have read and I am truly not sure about any ccTLDs so soon due to strict regulations and policies.

Due to any ETA, I assume they are currently unable to confirm the exact dates due to contracts and issues that may arise in the process.

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