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I’m looking for a list of hosting providers in Germany which partner with Cloudflare and provide the Cloudflare CDN with Railgun, Polish and Mirage. It’s important for me that the IP of my German website is located in Germany. Therefore it has to be a German hosting provider.

I’m already using the Cloudflare CDN with Railgun, Polish and Mirage with my English website which is hosted at Siteground in the United Kingdom. I need this outstanding website speed also for my German Website but at a German hosting provider who can offer me the same price for maximum Cloudflare CDN performance as Siteground does.

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Maybe this one
No personal recommendation but the first I remember. And probably the biggest.

AFAIR there’s no offcial partner list.

Thank you for your answer. The hosting provider you have linked at is well known in Germany but not for good customer support. Perhaps they have worked on this. But I’m not enthusiastic about them because of bad experience in the past.

If you use Cloudflare in front of your of your website your IP won’t be located in Germany. Is there a reason you need this?

I need a German IP because I want to get high rankings in Google Germany. Cloudflare is meant to speed up the website since it has a lot of images on many pages. Therefore I need Railgun, Polish and Mirage.

But I didn’t know that the IP is not located in Germany with Cloudflare in front of my website. Anyway, I think that Google recognizes in which country the website is hosted. In this case, a German hosting provider is essential to have advantages with the website rankings in Google Germany.

No, IP location is not taken into consideration in Google’s rankings. Having Cloudflare in front will completely hide whatever host you have.

Cloudflare’s IPs are all located in San Francisco.

To rise in Google rankings the techniques are different than choosing a German provider.

The only way a hosting or the country would impact your rankings on Google would be speed. You’d rather have a fast hosting in Japan than a slow hosting in Germany! And with Cloudflare it would make very little difference, as your users (and Googlebot) will be accessing your website through one of Cloudflare’s many datacenters around the world.

Google will consider the country for ranking purposes only in two ways: your website has a TLD that is country specific, such as .de for Germany, or you specify your website target country using Google Search Console.

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I’ve seen our IPs listed with other locations, but your point is generally sound. We will advertise the same IP address for a website from all 175+ of our colos worldwide because we are an anycast network. We don’t have country specific IP addresses as it wouldn’t mesh with our model for providing DDoS mitigation and web performance.


Wait, 175? :rofl:

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