List of Assertion Consumer Service URL's

I’ve been exploring configuring Access for Teams and so far am LOVING IT… for SaaS apps though, I’m having a tough time finding the Assertion Consumer Service URL for most providers. I’m fairly certain that for SaaS apps this URL is the same for at least most services. Is there a list somewhere? If so, I certainly can’t find it… if not, would folks who know more about this than I contribute to a master list?
(I’ll keep this thread updated.)

*Provider - Entity ID - ACS URL - Name ID Format

Dropbox - ? - - Email

The SP (Service Provider) should provide you the ACS URL when you are configuring the SAML. But yeah, it’s difficult to find the ACS URL for some providers.

By the way, I used SAML in WordPress with the OneLogin SAML SSO plugin. By default, the ACS URL is