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My server is quite slow and the TTFB for not found pages (404) is 900 ms. I’d like to force Cloudflare to immediately answer a 410 status code. Which are the available options?

I would first debug, why 404’s are so slow and solve that problem at it’s roots.

How should Cloudflare know, what requests will return a 404 at the server? Cloudflare (any reverseProxy CDN) can not know what does not exist on your server. Therefore I guess Cloudflare will not be able to help you much.

If you know a pattern to catch all the 404 errors you could try to set up workers to run requests against these patterns and trigger your 410 is it matches.

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There are only a few hundreds of pages, I thought forcing edge caching or using the service workers.
Th issue with debugging what is slow is that the website is Wordpress and PHP… I think it executes tons of unuseful code.

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