List-based firewall rules not stopping at match

Hi all, I’ve deployed firewall rules on a site with the intent of whitelisting certain user agents coming from proprietary Windows-based software, and then normal rules applied after that. For example, our whitelist rule acts as a bypass on a user agent we’ll say is “WindowsApp”, with the action set to Bypass and every possible option added. A subsequent rule enables a JS challenge to the URI /cgi-bin/webapp which both the Windows app and the internet in general access. We’re finding that the WindowsApp user agent is still getting the JS challenge even though it’s been set to bypass all types of rules and security level.

Just picking one at random for example, I’ll see ray ID’s with the same timestamp for same IP bypassing and then challenging.

Is there any way to get the bypass working as it’s blocking legit requests from the Windows-based software that can’t complete the challenge?

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