List all Domains - Only 30 Entries

I saw that there was a previous post about the “Select Website” Tab only showing 10 entries.
We just moved 140 Domains to Cloudflare and will proceed to go to about 200.

It would be neat if the “List all Domains” button, actually listed all Domains.
Currently the Limit is 30 Entries per page, so we don’t actually have a nice “overview”.
An option to select the increment or how it’s displayed would be awesome!

Thank you
Greetings Michel

Where did you find that “List all Domains” button? I’ve never seen that long listing.


below the adress bar you have a drop-down-menu called “Select Website”.
In that menu un the bottom you have a link “View all Websites”

Weird. I’m not seeing it in Safari or Chrome.

See the picture attached :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. What I attached was that entire popup. No joy for me, but thanks for the link. I’ve bookmarked it.