List All Domain with Renewal Dates

I’m trying to get a list of all my domains exactly as the post at List All Domain with Expiry/Renewal Dates?

Unfortunately, I do not understand the reply to that post because I have no idea how to run the query that is suggested as a solution.

Please, can you tell me if there is a simple way to find a list of all my domains by renewal date? If not, please can you explain to me in very simple terms how to run the query that is suggested as an answer? Or point me to a resource that explains what this type of Cloudflare query is and how I can learn more.


Hi @keith5, here are some resources that may assist.

First, the query @sdayman shared:

That’s a curl command you’d run from a terminal window, some details* on curl
Everything curl - the book
Using cURL when Troubleshooting with Cloudflare
*Copied from Community Tip - Tools and Resources

This is what the command looks like on Linux:

The items in UPPER_CASE you’d replace with your values.
ACCOUNT_ID - You can find your Account ID in the URL of any page in the Cloudflare Dashboard. It’s the part I obscured below:

ACCOUNT_EMAIL - You know that one, it’s the email associated with your account.

ACCOUNT_API - You can find the Global API key by going to My Profile in the upper right → API tokens.

API docs here for reference,


Thank you very much @cloonan for your thorough explanation and links to resources.

You’ve presented me with a useful pathway to learn more about Cloudflare “under the hood”. So I look forward to experimenting with that solution and building it into my admin routines.

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