LiquidWeb & CloudFlare (Existing Account)

I have a CloudFlare account and I also have a server with LiquidWeb. I haven’t used my CloudFlare account for years. LiquidWeb has the option to administer CloudFlare from my server. I would like to use this option. However, when I try to use it on my LiquidWeb account, the only option is to create a brand new CloudFlare account.

How do I use my existing CloudFlare account? I already contacted LiquidWeb and they do not know and told me to contact you guys. I don’t see a way to actually contact you so I am putting it here in the Community Forum.

Unless there’s some extra Cloudflare feature that Liquidweb gives you for free, you get better control over your Cloudflare settings from a direct setup here.

As for Liquidweb not letting you use your existing Cloudflare account, that’s something you would have to ask them. They probably use a special hosting partner connection, and there’s no way around that.

Thanks for the quick reply. I worked with a LiquidWeb tech earlier and he couldn’t find a way around it. I could setup a whole new account on my LiquidWeb account I guess but if I get better control here maybe that is the way to go.

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