Links will not work without the www


I am using Cloudflare to point to Kajabi but works fine but if you click on the link of or a page such as /retreat they fail. (they seem to work if you type them in, but I think this is the browser adding the www)

I did post my settings here, but I can’t as I am limited to 4 links :frowning:

I have looked at various topics here and tried a few bits, but nothing seems to help.

Any thoughts?


The site seems to work fine on WWW.

Do you have an A/AAAA record at the zone apex (

If not this is why it won’t work without the WWW subdomain

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I have the following…

A - mail - MYSERVERIP - 2 min - DNS Only
CNAME - www - - 2min - DNS Only
MX - - - 1 - Auto - DNS only

and - 301 -* - 301 -$1

All as per Kajabi’s instructions

Yes, but the DNS record for the apex domain still needs to exist or the page rules won’t trigger.

Create an AAAA record for and point it to 100:: with an orange cloud.

This will allow the redirects to work correctly.

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Glad to see it works :slight_smile:

Annoying that Kajabi do not mention this on their website!