Links to website from Facebook on iOS not loading at all. Issue temporarily resolved when CF cache is purged

Hi there,

This is my first time posting here. We randomly started having this issue that posts linked to from Facebook, anyone that tries to open these on the Facebook browser on iOS or tries to open in the phone’s browser, the pages don’t load. The issue temporarily gets resolved by purging cache, but reappears once pages start being cached again.

You can check this by going to the Facebook page “Lovin Malta” on your phone and click on any of the articles linked there.


Thank you for asking.

Facebook does add the ?fbclid=hash parameter to all of the URLs shared or posted on your Facebook Page, correct? :thinking:

Are you using some kind of a caching at your web server?

And this only happens on iOS - Safari web browser?

May I ask what error do you get, if some?
Can you somehow fetch it and share a screenshot of it here?
Otherwise, can you share the FB page so we could doubl-check somehow those links or what could be happening with the HTTP headers, if so? :thinking:

The fbclid is being removed via a page rule. Webserver no caching, only Cloudflare. This issue only occurs in Facebook’s iOS app in-app browser (WebView)

No error. Just a white screen. Unable to share links but the page name is ‘Lovin Malta’

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