Links Not working

Hello all!
Im new to Cloudflare and host a podcast on I have my DNS CNAME pointing to my site on Podbean, however, the links are not working from the main page. When I click on a link to see further episodes or another page, I get a forbidden error. Any ideas what Im not doing right?


Great looking website!

I’m able to navigate around. From the Podcasts dropdown menu, I’ve gone to Comedy and Politics(?) to see a list of podcasts. I can go to the bottom and go to the various pages.

What does your Forbidden error look like?

Thanks for the prompt response. The error that was ocurring was at which is hosted by I had forgotten to insert my domain name in the original post.

I fixed the problem which was on the podbean site. When using your own domain with podbean, you must NOT include www on the bottom portion of the form that is used where it asks you to enter your domain name.
It wasnt a Cloudflare problem after all.
Again thanks for responding!



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