Links and Right Click Disabled


I’ve found one of my sites to have right-click and links disabled on the front end of the WordPress pages.

First noticed when the tick box on the ‘Accept Privacy Policy’ below the contact form wasn’t visible, I then noticed page links weren’t clickable and was unable to right click.

This is on the page content only. Footer, header, buttons seem unaffected.

WP, PHP & all software up to date, eliminated plugin conflicts by disabling, checked configurations but problem persists.

Cloudflare Hotlink, rocketloader and server side exclude have all been deselected now, but it hasn’t helped.

Can’t see anything obvious on Devtools.

Reaching out here in the hopes someone can help me identify what I’m overlooking?

Page example

Many thanks in advance for any help.

You have a ton of Javascript running on that page, but it’s not using Rocket Loader.

Have you tried using the Overview tab to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” to see if the issue goes away? It takes five minutes for the Pause to take effect.

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