Linking to dashboard pages


Sometimes it might be efficient to link to a specific dashboard page in your Community posts.

zone pages

These are pages that redirect to a CF zone/domain page. What you should do is go to the page in your own dashboard, then get the part of the URL after the domain name. ex:

The route value is that last part. Now, when sharing the link, format it as

When clicking this link, Cloudflare will show the account/domain selector. Upon selecting a domain, the first page to show up is the “analytics traffic” page, instead of the overview page.

account pages

These work the same as zone pages, but instead, the query string should be ?account=.

ex. the following url:

would be represented as

The only special page is the support page: . This isn’t actually linked in the dashboard at the moment.


Very handy indeed. I had clicked a link you shared earlier this week and thought the query string looked different. Thanks for posting this.



As bookmarklet for zones

javascript:(()=>{const m=location.href.match(/^https:\/\/dash\.cloudflare\.com\/[0-9a-f]{32}\/[^\/]+\/(.+)$/);if(m)alert(''+m[1]);})()
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Thanks to @Withheld on Cloudflare activated for a different account - you can also link to zone pages by just using the page name at the end, without ?zone=. Eg


Only works with first-level categories though, e.g. not