Linking a subdomain

Hello my domain is

and Im trying to setup to show

Though i’m struggling and really confused. All other records ive set up ive managed to make work and using my old domain and nameserver i managed to successfully link it to that http but using my new domain and cloudflair DNS i’m struggling. I must be missing something really simple.
What is the exact record I need to create.
Thank you

Cloudflare does not support that port. You’ll need to move it to a supported port. The search has more on that.

Okay the port is now
Considering its http and my domain is https what can i do so that it would use https on i. Is that even possible. Sorry that i’m not knowledgeable around the subject

2086 won’t work with HTTP, you need to switch to HTTPS. Otherwise you need to use 2085.

That port was listed as a HTTP port on the cloudflare page regardless. I am completely lost. What EXACTLY do i have to do to get it to work. The ip from (I can change the port to whatever easily) is used for something else so i need to specify that port.

Do you want to use HTTP or HTTPS?

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