Linking 2 cloudflare accounts together

Hi, I have a website through Rosehosting, that setup and manage the $20 Cloudflare account. Asked them for ARGO. they said that would have to be setup myself through another account. i have done and paid for that but during setup its asking me to change the current cloudflare DNS to different Cloudflare DNS records. not sure how to get them both running simultaniously.


What you’re describing is moving the domain from their Cloudflare account to yours. You would have to change the nameservers for the domain at your registrar to the pair your account tells you to use. And you would also have to duplicate all the DNS entries and any other settings from the existing account.

Which is a little strange, because why can’t they just add the service to the existing Cloudflare account and then bill you for it along with what you’re already paying them?

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