Link without "www" isn't working

Still not working here on my end! No clue why my link doesn’t work without a “www” and I’m pretty sure its Clickfunnels (I am using Clickfunnels)

My website is “{redacted}”. If you click on that link, you will be taken to a page with a redish-orange page that pitches lead generation services.

If you go to “{redacted}” you are taken to a page that is owned by heroku. It says that “there is nothing here yet” and there is a button that says “Build something amazing.”

To fix this problem, I have configured my DNS settings over again and added redirects in the “Page rules” tab in Cloudflare. The redirects logically work, and my DNS settings are in place.

Please Advise on the topic! Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you have a cname record called www?

I have actually fixed the problems! Any way I can take this post down so my site isn’t showing up on search engines when I google myself? Hahha

Hi @ccharding2,

If you :black_flag: your own post as ‘something else’ and explain, one of the mods should be able to take care of removing links to your site etc.

The flag option should appear at the bottom of each post.

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