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Originated from Option to block scanners and "SEO" tools but I think it should be a topic of its own - please connect with Many times I see on my blog attacks from IPs that this site already know about, like
If you will use it as IP reputation source - you can block many attacks in advance.

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This seems related to the new ‘IP Lists’ feature.

Managed Lists

In addition to Lists that you create and manage yourself, we plan to curate Lists that you can subscribe to and use in your rules. Our initial ideas revolve around surfacing intelligence gleaned from the 27M properties reverse proxying traffic through the Cloudflare edge, e.g., equipping you with lists of IPs that are known open proxies so requests from these can be treated differently.

In addition to intelligent lists, we’re planning on creating other managed lists for your convenience—but need your help in identifying which those are. Are there lists of IPs you find yourself manually inputting? We’d like to hear about those as candidates for Cloudflare Managed lists. Some examples from beta testers include third-party performance monitoring tools that should never have security enforcements applied to them.

Are you paying for a third-party List today that you’d like to subscribe to and have automatically updated within Cloudflare? Let us know in the comments below.

Not sure if you’re aware of this and it’s not exactly what you’re looking for at the moment, but from that, it sounds like they may be expanding it to include something similar.

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Interesting! That surely could help solve the issue, yeah!

Here’s the API we could use:

I already voted for it.

Thanks =)

Now, I was reading about the API documentation but I am not very experienced in that topic so I am not sure how to correctly connect another service to Cloudflare Lists.

Thanks domjh, glad to see this and I added now a comment there about what I wrote here.
I hope CF will connect with them soon.