Link to script **scripts/5c5dd728,** where to find a trace

Hello there,
I believe someone was abusing the clouldflare features (don’t ask).

I found this:
G-E-T / cdn-cgi - slash- scripts / 5c5dd728 / Cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js HTTP/1.1” 404 …


Since there is some kind of ID after scripts => would it be possible to have a look at that script?

Would the times the script did work (who knows), also have been logged or do I just see this because something went wrong? => the log seems to come and go in logfiles.


I was hoping maybe this could be a hook into? Anything would be awesome.
@support => I you could help me I have no problem in taking a full account to be able to benefit from that support.

Thanks very much,

It’s just the script associated with Email Address Obfuscation.

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