Link of Cloudflare not work



Hey everyone,
my link is not working, just see screenshots.
Cloudflare Main Page:
Dns Hoster: (Remember, its a german hoster and the text “Ziel ist nicht gültig” means that the target is not valid.)
For showing the error, copy the link in the first picture.

Thanks for helping:+1:


Your WHOIS name server setting has not been updated. As soon as it does, then Cloudflare will work for your domain. What is your domain?


My Domain Name is

if you click on the links you will see “Connection Timed out, no answer from server”.
I think his should be beacause Cloudflare doesn’t accept the requests, right?


Your WHOIS is correct, but I guess Cloudflare hasn’t picked that up yet. How long ago did you set this up? Sometimes it takes 12 hours.


Ah, based on your screenshot, I believe you may be in the wrong interface. You’ll want to change your nameservers at your registrar to Cloudflare:

This would make Cloudflare your authoritative DNS replacing the DNS interface in your second screenshot for managing your DNS entries.


I’m seeing it in WHOIS:

And a dig at brit and nash give me results.


Ah then going ot assume he has it sorted now. :slight_smile:


I set the Domain troght the week back on my old Name Server, because the Work of this Domain is important.
3 Days after the setup cloudflre didn’t react and i seted the server on my old Domain without Cloundflare, thats the Reason why the Domain was reachable on manicraft,de to an private Ip, without Cloudflare. At this time the Domain is for 4 houres on the Cloudflare Device.

Thank you for this Tip, but see:

Yours faithfully


It appears to be active on Cloudflare now as well that the nameservers have been updated at the registrar.

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