Link is showing Error 1016

When visiting the link, it shows that there is an error 1016. We do not have a connected website to this domain so we are not sure if that’s the problem. We are also connecting this domain to an app community.

And this is our DNS record.

femlm redirects to ‘www’, and that’s a CNAME to…something I can’t see because the name is too long. But whatever it is, it’s not properly configured to respond to your www hostname.

If clicking on the :orange: in the www record (then waiting five minutes to take effect) doesn’t fix it, you’ll have to contact whoever is providing that trapezoidal-crysanthemum-etc. site to you.

That’s the app that we are connecting to the domain. So even if we don’t have a website connected to this domain, it will work if the www redirects properly to the cname? Is that correct?

@MoreHelp Hello! I need help regarding this issue. It’s not yet resolved. I hope someone can help me.

Did you change that ‘www’ entry to :grey: DNS Only?

Hi sdayman. Yes, I did. But we’re still getting the same error. The app developer also told me that he provided the right target. I don’t know what’s wrong now.

The site can’t be reached whenever I’m trying the gray cloud,.

This sounds like two different things.

Right now, it still looks like it’s set to :orange:. If it doesn’t work when it’s :grey:, it most likely won’t work when it’s :orange:. Sorry, but there’s nothing else I can suggest.

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