Link between ISP and Cloudflare service is degraded


I’ve been troubleshooting a home network issue and believe that there is an issue between my ISP and Cloudflare. They told me to contact Cloudflare with this issue.

When trying to use a Cloudflare connected service (such as Discord) I get horrendous speeds. If I use a VPN these speed issues are fixed. Please see the tracert I ran between a connection with and without a VPN.

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I’m having the exact same issues, looks like we have hops in common as well. Spectrum/Charter is saying it’s not them.

same here

Looks like we’re all from Ohio, and our packets are hitting Cleveland (clmc is Cleveland Medical Clinic??), then it hits “Vinn” (?) and then Ashburn VA, followed by a flakly link with a massive packet drop to Cloudflare’s ingress

I’m having the exact same issue here. I noticed it starting last night. I also noticed a pattern that seems to coincide with general peak network usage/congestion hours, where the afternoon and evening times are the worst and morning is typically best. The issue occurs with any domain that uses Cloudflare. Unfortunately I can’t upload an image of a traceroute right now as the issue seems to be gone due to the time of day. I will try to get a screenshot of it tomorrow when it recurs. When the issue occurs, I typically get upwards of 40% packet loss and 150-200ms ping to, for example, Discord. This causes the app to take about ten minutes to load, sometimes not loading at all. I am located in the Cleveland area, and that exact IP found in two of your traceroutes,, matches with the same address and hop number for me. I had scheduled for a tech to come out but seeing as I’m clearly not the only one having this issue, I cancelled it.

I should add that I also have Spectrum as my ISP.

Yeah 40% loss here too, but only to Cloudflare sites. It’s not as bad between like 4-7am, but then it tanks again and is nearly unusable. Half the time I can’t even get this forum to load and resort to replying on mobile.

Really hoping we see CF support pop in here soon.

+1 for having this issue, located in Columbus Ohio. When running the speed test seeing similar drops. Very frustrating, spectrum support bottom tier support was super unhelpful and pointed their finger as my hardware.

Issue still persists, CF pls halp

Same as others have noted, from Ohio.

I am affected by this issue as well, located in Urbana, Ohio on Spectrum. Between 20%-75% packet loss to anything Cloudflare depending on time of day.

I’m adding in my traceroute and speed test that I promised earlier. Note just how low my download speeds are. I get over 300 mbps to speed tests that are not run by Cloudflare. I can only post one image at a time so the traceroute will be in the second post.


My results are approximately identical to Blastburn94’s above.
Degraded service throughout the day, tried talking to Spectrum, but didn’t get terribly far.
End up around 1Mbps and 20+% packet loss on Cloudflare’s speedtest.

Lol imagine getting your comment removed because you asked for help.

Hi everyone,

I have escalated this issue to Cloudflare Support, no guarantees of when anyone will be able to look into it but hopefully it won’t be too long.


They are sending Ohio Spectrum traffic to the Cloudflare norfolk virginia router which is listed as partial outage right now on cloudflares site.

I did tag CF staff in the comment though, got the ban hammer for that

I’ve been having the same issue in Kentucky for the past 2/3 days.
It usually starts working fine between midnight and 7am.
though it does seem to be fixed now

I’m pretty sure that’s not the same problem, as this issue has been ongoing for over 48 hours and that location was listed as operational on their status page earlier.