Limits on DNS proxied traffic on the free tier

Hello folks,

I’m using Cloudflare’s DNS Proxy service to make the website load faster, reduce load on my poor RPi and not leak my home IP. Every month I get a email saying “X GB of data transferred in ”.

So far, it’s just a blog and a self-hosted git forge so nothing much going on there. Nor do I plan for an overhaul. But I was wondering if there was a limit to the amount of traffic handled by Cloudflare on the free tier.

Duplicate of Limit on DNS proxying on free tier but I didn’t find a satisfactory answer there.

On Free tier, we do not limit the amount of traffic handled by Cloudflare.

For DNS records limit, the total limit on records in a zone is 3,500 on paid plans, 1,000 on the free plan.

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