Limits of connection attempts to an htaccess


I am using nginx and I am on Debian 9. I currently have cloudflare enabled on one of my domains, and the domain in question is protected by an htaccess/htpasswd.

I would like to limit the number of connection attempts to the protected url in order to counter bruteforces attacks.

In my nginx.conf, I have filled in the cloudflare IPs to get the end user’s ip.

Is the configuration with fail2ban ([nginx-http-auth]

I have done some tests on my side and for the moment it is not conclusive. My server says I’m banned, but I can still make connection attempts and even connect.

I would like to know, is this normal and therefore related to cloudflare? If so, what alternative do I have to limit the number of attempts?

If it is not related to cloudflare, I will do more research on my problem.

Thank you

After checking, I saw that it is normal that fail2ban does not work to ban an ip when we have cloudflare enabled.

So I found another solution which is to transmit the ip to ban to cloudflare. The API call works, but when I put it in the jail.local file, it doesn’t seem to work (the ip is well banned on iptables, but not on cloudflare).

I specify that the curl command works from the terminal, the ip is added correctly. Here is my configuration: [nginx-http-auth]enabled = truefilter = nginx-http-authport = http,h -

Any idea ?

I would take a look at this post

If you are open to suggestions, there is a better alternative. Fail2Ban is good, and I have used it myself in some scenarios. However, for this case, I’d use:

CF Access allows you to lock down any URL from your site, allowing you to lock them against any brute force attacks effectively.

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