Limits of cache size and bandwith



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I’m interesting: what cache size and bandwidth( in Gb) for Cloud free plan? So, when user’s load pictures or js files from Cloudflare what is the max size of total cache storage at Cloudflare for free plan?
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Its a shame though, that even Cloudflare misnames traffic as bandwidth. At least I presume they mean traffic and not bandwidth.


Thanks, so what is cache size (limit if it exist)? For example: I have 10Gb static files at mine resource that will delivered via Cloudflare.

  1. Is this all capacity (10Gb) will be cached at Cloudflare?
  2. What is time of cache living at Cloudflare?
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The maximum size for a file can be 512 megabytes. It seems there is no information on how much would be cached at maximum. That might be a question for support.


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