Limits in size requests

Is there a way to limit a request in size (Gb) to prevent services from being collapsing? PFA a chart with a data transferred today that caused some trouble to us

I’m doubtful this was a single request; what plan do you currently have?

We have Pro plan

I’m not sure you can have those request sizes in the Pro package. As far as I know, the limit is 100MB per request at most.

You are right. there were many request 13K at the same time. How can prevent that?

You could use rate limit or dig deeper to see what exactly caused that spike in requests. Rate Limiting | Advanced Network Rate Limiting | Cloudflare

Can you show the firewall events in your Cloudflare panel?

Thank you very much. You are so kind

We are new with Pro Plan and We haven´t used it before


Rate Limiting is a helpful feature! Just be aware that it has a pay-as-you-go billing model; based on your previous screenshot, I believe it won’t be too expensive, but it’s always best to pay close attention to it.


Very expensive! because billing is based on approved requests and not blocked.

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