Limited, regex-based catch-all email addresses


I would like to set up a regex-based catch-all email address for my domains, such as:


I would rather not have to log in and create an alias every time I need such email address as I do it on the spot, multiple times a day and must have “generated” hundreds of these addresses over the last decade.

Google supports something similar after a “plus”: [email protected]

Is this possible?

Thank you!

Plus addresses (sometimes called subaddresses) are part of the SMTP protocol, and are widely (but not universally) supported. See RFC5233 for details.

Only if you build your own email worker.

I would expect plus addresses to be supported by Email Routing at some stage (might take years perhaps), but I doubt you will ever get RegEx based support without Workers.


Thank you, @michael I’ll look into creating my own email worker.