Limited DNS management knowledge

Hello! I am very new to managing DNS settings. I added a CNAME record to our domain name yesterday but it has still not updated to our domain. I simply added “welcome” as the name and copy/pasted the IPv4 address of the splash page company we use. How long does this process typically take?

A CNAME cant point to an IP. Can you post a screenshot of that record?

Here is the record: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Here are the instructions I received: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The CNAME is properly configured, but being proxied (:orange:) it is actually flattened to an A record.

I presume you need to configure your domain on their side too, have you done that?

The side that gave me instructions? I just listed what the domain/subdomain name is.

Well, your Cloudflare setup looks all right (unless it really should be a CNAME in which case you’d need to switch it to :grey:).

The 404 you get is from their end and you need to clarify it with them.

Ok will do.

Should I change from the orange cloud (http and DNS) to a grey one (just DNS)? Does that make a difference?

Some hosts only work when it is set to :grey:. Give it a try.

I tried that but now I get a “not secure” warning. Followed by a 404

Thats what I wrote earlier. You need to clarify this with them. Your Cloudflare setup has been correct all along.


Hi @chris40, welcome. For background, this is probably my favorite DNS primer ever,

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