Limit Upload 100Mo


I allow myself to create this topic because I have not managed to find answers to my question.

I currently have a free plan that limits the upload to 100MB via Cloudflare. My site is a funny video site (much like youtube, but less frequented lol) and my users need to be able to upload videos if they wish. I developed an upload system that allows them to send videos up to 600MB, but if I activate Cloudflare, that’s impossible. I said that uploaded videos are of course stored on my server.

I tried to create a rule for my upload page :slight_smile: with this configuration : Cache Level * Bypass
Thinking this would tell Cloudflare not to take care of this page, but apparently it does not work.

On the other hand, if I paused Cloudflare, everything is working properly.

So I think that maybe there is something to do and / or configure that I do not know.

I also specify that my site does not release for the moment that very little money. I can not afford to take a business plan.

Can someone help me? thank you so much



While there is no limit on bandwidth (as long as you don’t abuse Cloudflare, but your use case seems fine to me) there is a per-request limit for the size of uploads. I recommend developing or using a chunk uploading system (like that uploads files in multiple requests (“chunks”) so that it’s not all uploaded in one request. I’ve been able to upload several Gigabyte large files to my Nextcloud instance with Cloudflare since it uses chunked uploading.


I thank you for your answer. I will go investigate on this side

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